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Editor-in-Chief: Sue Hamilton
Webmaster: Mark Hamilton
The Fan Hitch, Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog, is published four times a year. It is available at no cost online at:

The Fan Hitch
welcomes your letters, stories, comments and suggestions. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit submissions used for publication.

Contents of The Fan Hitch are protected by international copyright laws. No photo, drawing or text may be reproduced in any form without written consent. Webmasters please note: written consent is necessary before linking this site to yours! Please forward requests to Sue Hamilton, 55 Town Line Rd., Harwinton, Connecticut  06791, USA or

This site is dedicated to the Inuit Dog as well as related Inuit culture and traditions. It is also home to The Fan Hitch, Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog.

About The Fan Hitch

Beginning in the early 1980s Mark and Sue Hamilton visited many communities across Arctic Canada and since 1996 have owned Inuit Dogs. Today they maintain a small kennel for purely recreational mushing. All but one of their dogs have come to them directly from the Canadian North either as puppies or adults, some of those as ‘retirees’. As a result of the Hamilton’s interest in polar regions in general and traditional Inuit Dogs specifically, The Fan Hitch journal was established back in July 1998 in both paper and electronic format. Since then it has grown in scope, evolving from a newsletter into a journal, earning its moniker’s double entendre meaning both the traditional way of hooking up Inuit Dogs to a qamutiq (sledge) and as a place where people of all interests and backgrounds gather to search for information and share experiences and expertise on a wide variety of topics relating to the Inuit Dog. Several contributed articles have won awards for both prose and poetry, and the publication itself won the Dog Writers’ Association of America’s “Best Newsletter” on its first (and only) submission

Having amassed an enormous amount of material in over fourteen years, the journal’s website was augmented to include links to identify and access content in different ways. A visit to our Subject Index will reveal the breadth and width of material covered since 1998, much of which has been unselfishly contributed by folks who have made the periodical an informative and useful resource for educators, research scientists, medical (veterinary and human) and legal professionals, authors, filmmakers, explorers both past and present, the media, governments and of course Inuit Dog enthusiasts, some of whom do not even own this aboriginal dog.

Over the last few years The Fan Hitch site has further evolved from solely a place to read its quarterly publication to a broadly informational website not only about the Inuit Dog but also Inuit culture and tradition, since it is impossible to separate the People from their dogs. For example, the Resources Page provides an extensive list of links including those that are Inuit Dog specific, Inuit cultural and government organizations, museums, northern media sites and even travel and tourism web pages.

We want to make one thing abundantly clear. This website has always been and will continue to be about the aboriginal/traditional Inuit Dog of the circumpolar north. Stories about dog show wins or dogs as “pets” have no place here. If you are just discovering the Inuit Dog or are a new visitor to you might want to start your exploration of our web pages by first reading “Defining the Inuit Dog” where you will read our frank position in greater detail in the form of a rather broad discussion of this aboriginal dog’s history, present and future.

The Fan Hitch website encourages your questions, comments and suggestions. Whatever inquiries we cannot answer can usually be directed to one or more of a wide-ranging roster of personal and professional contacts who have demonstrated an eager and unselfish willingness to assist. Their generous support has been instrumental in making the website become the “fan hitch” that it is.

Sue Hamilton has been editor/publisher of The Fan Hitch from the very beginning. Mark Hamilton has been the webmaster all along, too. With the March 2012 issue, we retired the nearly fifteen-year run of our subscription print edition and now are an entirely free online resource as we have been from the very beginning.

The Fan Hitch is published in March, June, September and December. Article submissions are welcome for consideration. A letter of self-introduction to the editor should be the first step so that writers can be familiarized with the journal’s modest requirements.

Here is our contact information:

Mark and Sue Hamilton
The Fan Hitch
55 Town Line Road
Harwinton, Connecticut 06791, USA

updated July 2012