Defining the Inuit Dog
Canis familiaris borealis

by Sue Hamilton

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Revised: January 2014

I. Introduction
A. The Inuit Dog’s place in the natural world
B. The Inuit Dog is not a wolf!
C. Dangerous confusion

A. The Name Controversy
B. Defining 'Purity'
C. Mistaken Identity: Promoting a breed vs. avoiding
D. The Belyaev Experiment
E. Summary

A.  Ancient history
B. Recent history: The Inuit Dog in service to nations          
1. Exploration
2. War
3. Sovereignty
C. Population decline
A. In the North
B. Below the tree line

A. Inherited diseases
B. Disease prevention and access to veterinary services

A. Appearance
B. Behavior
C. Performance
D. The big picture

VII. The Inuit Dog in Scientific Research, Films and
        in Print

VIII. Acknowledgements

Appendix 1: Partial list of scientific publications about
                     the Inuit Dog

Appendix 2: Selected (alphabetical) list of other resources
                    with a focus on Inuit Dogs
Appendix 3: A small sampling of other resources of

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                             Image: Doug Wilkinson

Appendix 3: A small sampling of other resources of interest

In Print
The Face of the Arctic
Richard Harrington, Henry Schuman, Inc., 1952, ASIN B0007DNDHW

Land of the Long Day
Douglas Wilkinson, Clarke, Irwin and Company, Ltd., 1955

A History of the Original Peoples of Northern Canada
Keith J. Crowe, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1991 (revised edition), ISBN 0-7735-0880-5

Relocating Eden: The Image and Politics of Inuit Exile in the Canadian Arctic
Alan Rudolph Marcus, University Press of New England,1995, ISBN 0-87451-659-5

Padlei Diary
Richard Harrington, edited by Edmund Carpenter for the Rock Foundation, 2000, ASIN B0006E8ZE8

Min Hvide Verden (My Wide White World)
Ivars Silis, Aschehoug (Denmark), 2000, ISBN 87-11-16700-9

The Inuit Way: A Guide to Inuit Culture
The Pauktuutit Women of Canada, 2006

The Meaning of Ice, People and sea ice in three Arctic communities

ISBN 978-0-9821703-9-7 (2013), the International Polar Institute Press and distributed through the University Press of New England.

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