The Fan Hitch Volume 1, Number 1, July 1998

Newsletter of the Inuit Sled Dog

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From the Editor
Why We Got into Inuit Dogs
Know the Dog, the Land and its People
Confessions of a Malamute Breeder
Giving Credit Where it is Due
Poem: Lost and Found
IMHO: El Nino, et al.

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                                                        Photo: Hamilton

Know the Dogs, the Land and its People

by Sue Hamilton

One cannot know the Inuit Sled Dog without an understanding of its recent and ancient history, where it came from, under what conditions it evolved and the people responsible for making this the finest freighting sled dog in the world.  For it is the "big picture" that give us a greater appreciation of this marvelous dog.  To do any less would not only take the dog out of context, but also be a grave injustice, especially, to the Inuit people themselves.  The Canadian Inuit Dog by Geneviève Montcombroux is the only book of its kind in existence. The Inuit Dog:  Its Provenance, Environment and History is the masters' thesis of Ken MacRury and is available from the author by writing to Box 58, Iqaluit, NT XOA OHO Canada.  Valuable not only for its presentation, this work contains a treasure trove of references.  A tiny sampling of other publications worthy of your attention (note that some of these titles may be difficult to find):

The Netsilik Eskimo by Asen Balikci
The American Museum of Natural History, The Natural History Press

Inuit Journey
by Edith Iglauer
Douglas & McIntyre Ltd.

The Fourth World by Sam Hall
Alfred A. Knopf

Eskimo Diary by Thomas Frederiksen
Nelson Canada, Ltd.

Voices from the Bay
Presents traditional ecological knowledge of Inuit and Cree in the
Hudson Bay Basin (essentially Nunavut and Nunavik) ISBN: 0-919996-75-2
published by the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC)
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1100
Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7
1-613-241-7379 phone
1-613-241-2244 fax

Nunatsiaq News is a newspaper published weekly, covering all  of Nunavut.  For those of you connected to the world wide web, you may read the on-line version.

The Nunavut Handbook, a comprehensive description of all the communities, including tourist information, in Canada's Baffin Region. The Nunavut Handbook, Box 8, Iqaluit, NT XOA OHO, Canada.  1-800-263-1452 phone; 1-613-727-6910 fax; or find the links to the on-line version via the Nunatsiaq News Home Page.

UpHere: Exploring the True North,  a magazine published 6 times yearly by Outcrop, Ltd., PO Box 1350, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N9, CANADA

The National Film Board of Canada has a fabulous collection of videos on all subjects arctic.  You may obtain a catalog by writing: Head Office, Constitution Square, 360 Albert Street, Suite 1560, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0M9, Phone: (613) 992-3615; or visiting their website.

Please take time to explore the world of the Inuit Sled Dog.
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