The Fan Hitch PostScript
Number 3, posted
May 2019
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From the Editor: A Cautionary Tale

Media Review: How to Tame a Fox:
(and Build a Dog)

The Qimuksiq Network’s Iqaluit Meeting

Qimmeerukkaluarpat: When the Dogs are Gone

The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum: Dogs at Work in the North

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Shooegingwa with Dog Pups, Etah, Greenland, 1913-1917
                           Photograph by Donald Baxter MacMillan

Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum:
Dogs at Work in  the North

Bowdoin College, in Brunswick, Maine  USA, is home to the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum. According to the museum’s website, it is “…dedicated entirely to all things Arctic. It is named after Arctic explorers and Bowdoin graduates Robert E. Peary (Class of 1877) and Donald B. MacMillan (Class of 1898).”  There is a wealth of polar resources on this site. Dogs at Work in the North was an active  exhibit on display from January 22 through April 21, 2019. It is now archived here.