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Number 5, posted
January 2020
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Specialized Sledge Dogs Accompanied Inuit Dispersal Across the North American Arctic

Cold Case Reopened and Other QIMMEQ News

Langsomt på Svalbard (Slowly on Svalbard)

Frossen Frihe (Frozen Freedom)

Restoring a Historic Nansen Sledge

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                                                           Photo: Sune Westh

Frossen frihet – håndbok i friluftsliv med polarhund

Gisle Uren

A new book in Norwegian, the complete title of the book translates to: Frozen freedom – a handbook for back country travel with arctic dogs.

After having owned and traveled with Greenland Inuit Dogs for more than 20 years, I have tried to write the book I always wanted to, but never got to read when I was a novice. Based on my personal back country experience, I have tried to cover every topic an inexperienced musher needs to know. I have also presented them in the same order I would have liked to read them, when I was first starting out.

The book has five main chapters:
Your four-legged touring companion
Defining an Inuit Sled Dog, explaining what a dog needs to learn to be an efficient working dog, how to build a pack, not just a team.

Back country gear for people

What personal gear you need to stay warm and live comfortably in the mountains.

Back country mushing

Different styles of mushing, different ways of hitching your team, types of sleds and pulkas, how to rig, pack and drive your sled.

Living in the field

How to travel efficiently and live comfortably in the mountains, how and what to feed your dogs.

Pack-trips with your dog
How to train your pack-dog, find quality gear, and do pack-trips along with one or more of your dogs.

Frossen frihet – håndbok i friluftsliv med polarhund is 180 printed pages. It’s entirely in Norwegian but includes the universal language of 100 or so photographs; published by Branoq Forlag in Norway. To order, contact Gisle Uren; Cost: 348  NOK + postage.