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Canadian Inuit Dogs I have Owned, Raised and Trained:
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Special Screening of Inuk in Vermont;
 new general release date given

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      Poster presentation at the Snow Walkers’ Rendezvous             photo: Hamilton

Special screening of Inuk in Vermont;
new general release date given

by Sue Hamilton

I was granted permission to show Inuk at the annual Snow Walkers’ Rendezvous in Fairlee, Vermont, USA last month. For this presentation I used the “screener” version (not the for sale finished version) provided to me for the 2012 review in The Fan Hitch, and a collection of promotional material electronically sent from the film’s distributor.

Attendance at this screening far exceeded expectations! There would not have been any empty seats, in addition to those who chose to stand for the entire 90 minutes, if it had not been for the difficulty reading the English subtitles in white which were sometimes obscured by the distributor identification, also in white, persisting at the bottom of the screen (this was a part of the “screener” version).

            A very attentive audience                                    Hamilton

What was so remarkable about the high attendance by thirty totally enthralled viewers, was that on a typical Sunday morning, conference attendees are usually very eager to get on the road after the communal breakfast and saying their good-byes to friends they see but this one time a year. Many have great distances to home, this year to parts of Eastern Canada, Wisconsin and Tokyo! To linger, even for 90 minutes, would be considered a hardship for those long distance travelers.

There was abundant applause as the credits rolled. No one left the room disappointed and many were seen wiping away tears. Post-viewing comments were also positive.

Folks were invited to leave their contact information or to email me directly to be notified when the DVD becomes available. 

Unfortunately, the anticipated December 2015 North American release as reported in the September issue of The Fan Hitch was put off once again, this according to an October 16, 2015 email from the distributor who now indicates, "Inuk will be releasing in the U.K. on November 9th (2015) and in the U.S. in February of 2016."

Based on requests by the film’s audience at Snow Walkers’, I am maintaining an email notification list for those who are eager to have their own copy of Inuk. Hopefully this February 2016 release date will be the reality. Of course, I will update readers in the March issue of The Fan Hitch. But for those who may want to know as soon as possible that the film is ready to purchase, please feel free to email me. As soon as Inuk’s sale information is available, I will send out all the details.
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