The Fan Hitch Volume 4, Number 4, September 2002

Newsletter of the Inuit Sled Dog

Table of Contents

We Are Not Alone
Research Paper II: Occupational Osteoarthritis
Who is an ISDI "Member"
Northern Inuits (sic), Again!
High Arctic Mushing: Part IV
The Inuit Dog: Its Provenance, Environment and History
Preserving "Bear" Dogs
Janice Howls: Extinction
IMHO: Little Minds, Little Worlds
Index of The Fan Hitch, Volume IV

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Index of Articles for Volume 4 of the Fan Hitch

N1: High Arctic Mushing, Part I; Never Let Go!
N2: High Arctic Mushing, Part II; Katan; Dune Musher's Mail Run
N3: High Arctic Mushing, Part III; A Day in the Woods
N4: High Arctic Mushing, Part IV

N1: Do Dogs Have Emotions?; When a Fight Isn't a Fight
N3: Qiniliq Learns His Place

N1: Does What We Do Matter Anyway?
N2:  Compare and Contrast
N3:  No title
N4:  Milestones or Mile Markers

N1: Jill and Daniel Pinkwater
N2: Ove Nygaard
N3: Chuck Weiss

N1: Points of View
N2: Mystic Reunion; The Story of Tatra; Sled Dog Bibliography
N3: When to begin working ISDs; Reproduction or the Real Deal; Future or Death
N4: Who is an ISDI “Member”?; Northern Inuits, Again; Preserving “Bear” Dogs; We Are Not Alone

N1: Arctic Brucellosis Update
N3: When to start working dogs; Survey of Diseases and Accidents (Antarctica)
N4: Occupational Osteoarthritis (Antarctica)

In My Humble Opinion
N1: Dog Sled Racing vs. Sled Dog Racing
N2: Visibility
N3: Friends and Allies
N4: Little Minds, Little Worlds

Janice Howls
N3: All Along the Watch Tower
N4: Extinction

Media Review
N1: Uncle Boris in the Yukon and Other Shaggy Dog Stories (book)
N2: Atanarjuat (video); Antarctica... to a lonely land I know (book)
N3: Igloo Dwellers Were My Church (book)
N4: The Inuit Dog: Its Provenance, Environment and History (Master's Thesis)

Change of Address

                                                Montcombroux photo

In August, Peter Krizan, moving (with his wife, Julia, and their two children) from Iqaluit to Inuvik (N.W.T, Canada), dropped by at Toadhall with a crew of fourteen dogs. Most amazing was the fact that those dogs had never seen trees, but took it all in stride, behaving as if being picketed in the grass surrounded by trees was an everyday occurrence.

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