The Fan Hitch Volume 7, Number 4, September 2005

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog

In This Issue...

Editorial: Building Bridges
F.I.D.O.: Marit Holm
Nunavik Dog Slaughters, Part III
Greenland Dog / Inuit Dog, The Same Dog
Differences in Mushing: Greenland and Arctic Canada, Part I
Fan Mail
Behavior Notebook: The Human Role
Book Review: Frozen Horizons
Product Review: Wheel Dog Harness
Tip for the Trail: Pack a Pruning Saw
 IMHO: The System
Annual Index for Volume 7

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The Fan Hitch, Index of Articles, Volume 7

N2: Playing Deputy
N3: Life in the Pack
N4: The Human Role

N1: New Faces, Old Passions
N2: Sirius Patrol, Canadian Style
N3: Coming Together; ISDI Web Site Announcement; Correction
N4: Building Bridges

Fan Mail
N2: Comments on Pregnancy, Whelping and Pup Development; Greetings from Poland
N3: Comments on Fan Hitch article and ISDI's mission; more on ISDI's mission
N4: Comments from a former Nunavik resident

N1: Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen
N2: Allen Gordon
N3: Ken Beattie
N4: Marit Holm

N1: A Conversation with Palle Norit (Sirius Patrol)
N4: Difference Between Mushing in Greenland and Canada

Health and Science
N1: DNA Analysis of the Greenland Dog and the Canadian Inuit Dog
       Pregnancy, Whelping and Pup Development in the ISD, Part 1
N2: Pregnancy, Whelping and Pup Development in the ISD, Part 2
N4: Greenland Dog / Inuit Dog…it makes no difference

N2: Nunavik Dog Slaughters Part 1
N3: Nunavik Dog Slaughters Part 2
N4: Nunavik Dog Slaughters Part 3

In My Humble Opinion
N1: Training or Interference
N2: Change
N3: Tough Dogs, Tough Owners
N4: The System

In the News
N1: Reason to follow the Iditarod; ISD DNA samples sought; Poor hunting in Qaanaaq; Fan  Hitch story receives Dog Writers' nomination
N2: Dog slaughter inquiry; ISD owner "wins" the Iditarod; Inuit Dog thesis donation 
N3: Dog slaughter inquiry update; Isuma Igloolik Production's  Journals of Knud Rasmussen

Janice Howls
N1: At the Heart of Greatness
N2: Transition to Primitive
N3: Preserving Nature's Standard

Media Review:
N3: Soldiers and Sled Dogs: A History of Military Mushing by Charles L. Dean (book)
N4: Frozen Horizons: The World’s Largest National Park by Ivars Silis (book)

Product Review:
N1: Herculiner®
N4: Howling Dog Wheel Dog Harness

Tip for the Trail
N1: Anti-fatigue mats
N2: Building a Dog Ramp
N4: Pack a Pruning Saw

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