The Fan Hitch Volume 8, Number 3, June 2006

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog

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Editorial: Diversity with a Common Interest
FIDO: John Senter
Developing a Culture of Mushers
The Inuit Sled Dog Registry
Arctic Inuit Sled Dogs: Life in Retirement
Inuit Dog Thesis Update
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Kennel Tip: Taking the Heat Off
Book Review: The Lost Men
 IMHO: Filling the Woodshed

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Diversity with a Common Interest

I continue to be amazed by the diversity of interest that brings people to the ISDI and The Fan Hitch. Folks who read of our participation in DNA research seek our advice and experience to help their own unique dog breeds. A fellow committed to bringing to the world's attention the hard life of India's cycle rickshaw drivers pedals his way across the Greenland ice cap on one of these conveyances. Living for a while in East Greenland and owning a team of local dogs, he, too, wishes to learn more about the ISD. Film companies making documentaries, a scientist seeking even more DNA samples, a retired military veteran who drove Inuit Dogs in Greenland during World War II, a curator of the French museum, whose Director of the Center of Arctic Studies is the world-renowned explorer-ethnographer-author Jean Malaurie (The Last Kings of Thule) - all seeking to tap into ISDI's resources. And now, more than ever before, it seems we are fielding even more inquiries about the "three Rs" - rescue, re-home and retirement for Inuit Dogs. 

It is nice to feel needed, but it feels great to be pitching in to help others meet their needs. I have to believe that when others succeed, the Inuit Dog in some way benefits. What we have to offer and why we do it is not about ISDI, but about the ISD. 

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others lives on. - Anon.
Let's work together, each contributing however we can, to leave an enduring legacy which is the Inuit Sled Dog, forever an active part of the northern "land"scape.

                                      Photo: Oana Spinu
                                                  Igloolik Isuma Productions

Wishing you smooth ice and narrow leads,

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