The Fan Hitch Volume 9, Number 3, June 2007

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This site is dedicated to the Inuit Dog as well as related Inuit culture and traditions. It is also home to The Fan Hitch, Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog.
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If you'd like to have your own print version of The Fan Hitch to read by the fire or while sitting out with your dogs, or for your clients while they relax at your lodge or just because it's nice to have a hard copy in magazine format as part of your northern collection of educational/entertainment/reference material, the current rate for a one year (4 issues) subscription is $18.00 (Canada), $16.00 (U.S.) and $22.00 (elsewhere). This includes postage.

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And don't forget, every bit of money from every print subscription is turned over to the Qimmiit Utirtut program. The actual printing and distribution of the hard copy format of our journal is now done by the Individual Paths of Learning students at the Ulluriaq School in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik - the home base for Qimmiit Utirtut. 

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The Inuit Dog: Its Provenance, Environment and History

Postal rates in the United States increased on May 14, 2007. This applies to international as well as domestic mail. Therefore, the rates announced in the December, 2006 issue of The Fan Hitch are no longer in effect. Within the U.S. we had been using Priority Mail because 1) the delivery was quick and the cost reasonable, 2) the mailer was included by the post office and 3) we were able to ship up to three copies of The Inuit Dog: Its Provenance, Environment and History for one flat fee. The cost of this service has now risen to what we believe to be an unacceptable level, especially for those buyers who did not wish to take advantage of the ship three for the price of one deal. And unfortunately, our free source of international mailers has now dried up. So, for our friends in Canada and elsewhere outside of North America, we must now cover the cost of the envelope as well. 

The new rate for shipping anywhere within the United States will be $2.35 USD by first class mail, for one copy only. The new rate to Canada will be $3.95 USD per copy. The cost of shipping outside of North America and to mail multiple copies will be calculated based on weight and destination. For orders and shipping rates contact Sue Hamilton:

The single copy price of The Inuit Dog: Its Provenance, Environment and History by Ken MacRury will remain at $18.00 USD at least until the current print run is sold out.

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