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Fan Mail....

Pups from Qimmiit Utirtutís first litter.            photo: Brazeau

October 1, 2007

Hello Sue,

I've been reading and enjoying all the information on the Inuit Sled Dog site, and in The Fan Hitch.

I am the editor of a magazine called Overland Journal, which is devoted to expedition travel around the world.

In the winter issue we are printing a story about the ice road that extends to Tuktoyaktuk in the winter, down the Mackenzie River. I would very much like to write a side story about true Inuit sled dogs, to accompany the piece as interesting historic background.

Is this something you can and would be willing to help us with?

Thanks very much for any assistance you can offer.

Jonathan Hanson
Executive Editor
Overland Journal

Ed: Jonathan Hanson did his homework and, in two pages, has deftly grasped the essence of the Inuit Sled Dog. His 1300 word article offers Overland Journal readers, who may be not at all familiar with the breed, a good understanding of what the ISD is all about. Full subscriptions or the single copy Winter 2007 issue in which Hansonís article appears can be purchased by going to the magazineís web site or by contacting Overland Journal at PO Box 1150, Prescott, Arizona 86302, U.S.A.; 928-308-2158;

November 30, 2007

Hi Sue,

Our family lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I just wanted to let you know we have enjoyed The Fan Hitch for the past 3 years. We share the same passion and enthusiasm for the Qimmiq as many of your readers and contributors. Stories from people like Daniel Annanack and Mark Brazeau of Qimmiit Utirtut have been so encouraging. It is our hope that through programs like these, the people will benefit along with the Qimmiq. I admire the perseverance of the ISDI, as it is not always easy to maintain such passion when the trail is long and rough. Though we ourselves do not yet have a team of our own, we are young. It is a goal, like buying a house or finishing school. The articles in The Fan Hitch have been informative and culturally appropriate and will continue to be a great resource for mushers, ISD enthusiasts and those who share our dream of restoring the best breed in the world to its rightful place in this world.

Jenna and Kaajuk Kablalik

December 10, 2007

Ms. Hamilton,

I am a photojournalist in New York interested in possibly doing a story on the situation of Greenland's dogs. Is this an active point of contact for you? Is there a number I might call so that we could speak?


L. R.

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