The Fan Hitch Volume 11, Number 3, June 2009

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog
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Inuit Sled Dogs Achieve Distinguished Visibility

Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update

New Resource of Polar Exploration Images

In Passing: Remembering Kevin Walton

Book Review: Huskies/My Friends, the Huskies

Evolutionary Changes in Domesticated Dogs:
The Broken Covenant of the Wild, Part 2

Behavior Notebook:
Comparative Behavior Studies in The Netherlands

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Canadian Animal Assistance Team's
2009 Northern Clinics

The Chinook Project's Early Start on Veterinary Clinics

IMHO: Why Inuit Dogs?

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CAAT team  members check a dog’s ears.
                               photo: Allison McLean

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team
opens its membership to the general public

by Chris Robinson, CAAT Ontario Chapter

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) provides animal wellness clinics to domestic animals in areas that have no access to veterinary care. The Team has held successful animal wellness clinics in Igluliq and Pond Inlet and would like to continue to plan clinics in other northern communities. For 2009, we are sending a team to Baker Lake, Nunavut in early September. The support and organization assistance that has come from this community has been astounding. We are looking forward to assisting them in their efforts to provide veterinary care to the animals of the community. Spaying, neutering, deworming and vaccinations are all part of our animal wellness clinic services that are made available to the community dog owners. Any other project possibilities are still very tentative and depend on available funding. CAAT is a registered non-profit charity. There is no cost to the community members for the services provided.  

All team members pay for a portion of their own flights if necessary and they all volunteer their time and expertise for the wellness clinics. The medical supplies needed for providing the surgical and health services are all brought into the community by CAAT. CAAT plans on continuing help for the animal population in Nunavut as much as funding allows. The biggest challenge to serving Nunavut is in getting the team there. As anyone who travels to the North knows, the airfare is our biggest hurdle to overcome. We rely on sponsorship from the airlines, sponsorship from large companies involved in the area of some of the communities we serve and individual donations. We also ask those who invite us into their community to do fundraising within the community to assist in getting the team there. All contributions help us to be able to help these communities and that is our goal.   

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team has recently opened up its membership to the general public. Our veterinary team members are still the members who serve on the animal wellness clinic projects, but there are many people who want to assist us in our mission, either through membership fees, donations or through serving on one of our committees that assist in making these clinics a reality by keeping the organization running smoothly. If you are interested in becoming a member, go to our website and click on the membership application. If you prefer to just make a donation to our cause, you can send a check to CAAT, c/o Donna Lasser, 1635 West 4th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6J 1L8, Canada, or go onto our website and click on "Canada Helps" to make a donation online.  Whether becoming a member or making a donation, add a note that you would like your money to go toward northern projects.  

We thank everyone for their support. Every donation makes a difference!
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