The Fan Hitch Volume 11, Number 3, June 2009

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog
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From the Editor: A Virtual Fan Hitch

Inuit Sled Dogs Achieve Distinguished Visibility

Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update

New Resource of Polar Exploration Images

In Passing: Remembering Kevin Walton

Book Review: Huskies/My Friends, the Huskies

Evolutionary Changes in Domesticated Dogs:
The Broken Covenant of the Wild, Part 2

Behavior Notebook:
Comparative Behavior Studies in The Netherlands

In the News

Canadian Animal Assistance Team's
2009 Northern Clinics

The Chinook Project's Early Start on Veterinary Clinics

IMHO: Why Inuit Dogs?

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In the News….

Makivik Receives Interim Report on the
Allegations Concerning the Slaughter of Sled Dogs

On April 15, 2009 the Honourable Jean-Jacques Croteau submitted his interim report entitled "Allegations Concerning the Slaughter of Sled Dogs". His team’s investigation began last year and involved, in part, interviews of eye witness accounts of people in Nunavik’s fourteen communities. At twenty-two pages, this document is too long to publish in one issue of The Fan Hitch, too time sensitive to publish in sections that might span an entire year and too comprehensive to be responsibly excerpted. The Fan Hitch has been given permission to mount this report to our server where anyone with access to the world wide web may read it in its entirety for free.

Judge Croteau's final report is expected in the coming months.

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