The Fan Hitch Volume 15, Number 1, December 2012

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog                                    
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Astrup’s Harness

Akunnirmiut Nunavut Quest, Pt. 2

Sleds, Dogs and Nitrate Film

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CAAT 2012 Baker Lake Animal Wellness Clinic

  Book Review:  Kamik, an Inuit Puppy Story

Movie Review: Inuk

IMHO: Henson, Pt. 2

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From the Editor....

Heeeere we go again....

This is the first issue of our fifteenth year in publication! First a little “housekeeping” news. Recently we became aware that for some of our online readership a portion of our pages did not format correctly. These are largely inconsistencies of font point sizes. The problem appeared in Safari and Chrome browsers but only in some of the versions of the operating systems in which those browsers run. To our knowledge we have been able to resolve the problem on those pages. If you still experience problems with odd formatting on some of our pages, please, drop us an email listing those pages and the problems you experienced. It would also be useful for you to let us know what platform, operating system and browser you are using. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

In preparing for each issue of The Fan Hitch journal, I confess to agonizing whether or not I will have enough, or even any, content to offer you, our readers. That’s my glass-half-empty outlook on life. But every now and then I head into the production cycle with unbridled enthusiasm. December 2012 is one of those issues. We have great stories by first time contributors Kevin Nikkel, Jonas Warme Moe and Sue MacIsaac. The book and movie reviews are so very much a part of the real world of Inuit tradition and reflect what has been said all along, that the future of the Inuit Dog lies, in part with the enthusiasm instilled in the younger generation by Elders and other mentors. And we again get to experience what travel on the land is like from an Inuk perspective, thanks to Joelie Sanguya’s “Akunnirmiut Nunavut Quest, Part 2”. 

If only every issue of The Fan Hitch shaped up so quickly I wouldn’t have to feel like Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) naked down to the soles of his feet running for his life across jagged ice.

Well…good things are afoot which I hope will be ready for March; absolutely incredible news which is making my head explode with excitement. I am struggling to gather all my willpower not to let this cat out of the bag before the time is right.

So I hope you enjoy this issue. Now that it is finally done, I can take a short breather before I return to the hunt to flesh out March beyond the story I have hinted at. Heeeere we go again….

Wishing your smooth ice and narrow leads and a joyous holiday season,

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