The Fan Hitch   Volume 15, Number 4, September 2013

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From the Editor: A Great Man Has Passed


Baker Lake MLA Speaks Out in Support of Nunavut's Inuit Dogs

Proposed New Dog By-law, a Threat to Iqaluit Dog Team Owners?

Published Research Has Implications for the Aboriginal Inuit Sled Dog!

Fan Mail

The Chinook Project’s July 2013 Visit to Labrador

NFB Increases Internet Accessibility to its Film Library

Movie Review: Vanishing Point

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IMHO: The Back Story of the Thank You DVD

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Browser Woes: Trials and Tribulations

by Mark Hamilton

I wish there was such a thing as software that was “Fully Compliant with Web Standards.” Life would be so much easier if there were in fact “Web Standards”. But… I’ve wasted enough time daydreaming. It’s time to get back to work.

I’ve written before about how some pages in a few of the editions of The Fan Hitch exhibit odd formatting for some viewers. Some of those pages look so odd it makes you wonder if the site has been hacked and if something malicious is going on. So far that hasn’t happened.

What is happening is that those pages don’t display properly in only certain browsers, typically Google Chrome and Safari. It also appears this only happens when those browsers are running on certain versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems. For instance, all pages of The Fan Hitch site display correctly in all the browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Sea Monkey) on both of my computers. But, on Sue’s computer some pages don't display correctly in Safari. On the other hand, those pages do display correctly for her in Sea Monkey and Firefox. I think it has something to do with the browser engines used in Safari and Chrome. I’ve read that they are very similar.

All of the affected pages on our site can be fixed. But it’s a long, slow process. I have to use Sue’s computer to find the problem pages, which is accomplished by reviewing all the pages in a volume (publishing year). Every problem on each page needs to be individually recorded and described in a written document as I can’t replicate these issues on any of my computers. Then, on my laptop, I make the changes to the files and load corrected files to our server. Finally I go back to Sue’s computer to verify the pages now display correctly. It sounds a bit like a full time hobby, doesn’t it?

The bottom line: There is no magic wand that I can wave to fix these pages. And finding and fixing everything takes time.  In the interim if you’re experiencing “ugly” formatting on some of the pages of The Fan Hitch website, please consider using either Firefox or Sea Monkey for now when you visit us.
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