The Fan Hitch Volume 5, Number 4, September 2003

Newsletter of the Inuit Sled Dogl

Table of Contents

Editorial: Newton's Third Law (of Motion)
Fan Mail
Featured Inuit Dog Owner: Ken MacRury, Part 2
Page from the Behaviour Notebook: Death and Transfiguration
Lost Heritage
Antarctic Vignettes
The Qitdlarssuaq Chronicles, Part 4
News Briefs:
ISDI letter to the Editor of Mushing Magazine
Inuit Dog Thesis International Sales
Update: Traveling Dog Exhibit
Product Review: The Original Zipper Rescue Kit®
Janice Howls: PETAphiles
IMHO: Means, Motive and Opportunity
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Fan Mail.....

Sean (l) and his dad John McGrath (r), taken "a while" ago.  McGrath photo

Unsolicited Correspondence From Our Readers

Far more gratifying than winning the 2001 Best Newsletter Award from the Dog Writers’ Association of America is the following email message…

Subject: Inquiry
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 
From: "Simeonie Kunnuk" 
To: <>


I work with the national Inuit organization in Canada and I was wondering about whether you had spend time in the Arctic. I browse for news and articles through the website and found your website is quite specialized and rather knowledgeable about the Inuit and the dogs and dog teams using Inuktitut terms.

Anyhow, I am impressed. I will keep checking your website for interesting stories, etc.

Tavauvuti (your presence honored),

Simeonie Kunnuk
Information Officer
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
Ottawa, ON

According to the information on their web site <> the thirty-year-old Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) has been involved in the settlement of comprehensive land claim agreements in the four Inuit regions. Some of their aims and objectives are to: represent the rights of the Inuit at the national level, and continue working to improve living conditions for Inuit economically and socially; preserve and promote the unity of Inuit as a single people within Canada; take measures to further enable Inuit to fully exercise their rights within Canadian Society in general, including their right of self-government; help protect the environment and renewable resources so that present and future generations of Inuit can fully enjoy their relationship with the land and sea; promote Inuit culture, language, values, health, education, justice and any other matter that impacts upon the ability of Inuit to shape the future of their society within Canada; help foster economic development and trade among the Inuit and within Canada in their economic and business endeavors. Ed.

* * * 

September 11, 2003

Hello Sue, 

I publish a monthly magazine, for the livestock working dog owners/handlers.  I came across your website and would like to reprint a couple of your articles if you would allow it.  Your own on the Dismutase, and the book review of "The New Guide to Breeding Old Fashioned Working Dogs"  [by Janice Dougherty]. I have been looking for that book for several years - have even had book dealers looking for me.  I certainly will write to the address you gave and see if it is still available at all.  In the mean time, if I might reprint your book review, it would certainly be an addition to the magazine. 

I'd be happy to send you a couple of copies of the magazine for you to see, if you'd like.  The focus is on the real working dogs - I cover trials also, but try to have the main emphasis on the out in the real world dogs. 

Judith Selby
Mancos, Colorado, U.S.A.

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