The Fan Hitch Volume 5, Number 4, September 2003

Newsletter of the Inuit Sled Dog

Table of Contents

Editorial: Newton's Third Law (of Motion)
Fan Mail
Featured Inuit Dog Owner: Ken MacRury, Part 2
Page from the Behaviour Notebook: Death and Transfiguration
Lost Heritage
Antarctic Vignettes
The Qitdlarssuaq Chronicles, Part 4
News Briefs:
ISDI letter to the Editor of Mushing Magazine
Inuit Dog Thesis International Sales
Update: Traveling Dog Exhibit
Product Review: The Original Zipper Rescue Kit®
Janice Howls: PETAphiles
IMHO: Means, Motive and Opportunity
Index to The Fan Hitch, Volume 5

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Index to The Fan Hitch, Volume 5

N1: Following in Nanuk's Tracks
N1: Qitdlarssuaq Chronicles, Part 1
N2: Qitdlarssuaq Chronicles, Part 2
N3: Qitdlarssuaq Chronicles, Part 3
N4: Qitdlarssuaq Chronicles, Part 4

N1: ISDI Co-founder wins Jubilee Medal Award

N2: Raising Raven
N3: Bishop and Tunaq
N3: On Managing ISD Aggression
N4: Death and Transfiguration

N 1: Horses, not Zebras - Blue Eyes in Greenland Dogs
N2:  The Blind Men and the Elephant
N3:  Of Philosophy, Dogs and History
N4:  Newton's Third Law (of Motion)

Fan Mail

N4: Letter from Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami; Letter from the Editor of Stock Dog Magazine

N1: Merv Ehrich
N3: Ken MacRury Part 1
N4: Ken MacRury Part 2

N1: Blue Eyes in Norway's Greenland Dogs
N1: Enthusiasts Speak Out
N1: Official ISDI Stand on Blue Eyes
N2: Dogs in Greenland
N3: Remembering Niya

Health and Science
N2: Physiology of Sledge Dogs

N1: Mountie, Alouette and Moose
N2: Contributions of Dogs to Exploration in Antarctica
N2: Antarctic Sketches
N2: The Return
N3: Antarctic Vignettes
N4: Antarctic Vignettes
N4: Lost Heritage

In My Humble Opinion
N1: Seeking to Answer to the Wrong Question
N2: Preservation vs. Saving
N3: The Slippery Slope
N4:  Means, Motive and Opportunity

Janice Howls
N4: PETAphiles

Media Review
N1: first NATIONS…first DOGS (book)
N1: Signs of Winning (book)
N2: Carved from the Land (book)
N3: The New Guide to Breeding Old Fashioned Working Dogs (book)
N3: Stonington Island, Antarctica 1957-1958 (video)

News Briefs
N1: New ISDI Scandinavia web site; Atanarjuat update; Dog teams in Iqaluit; Grammar lesson; ISDs in Museum Exhibit
N2: Update on blue-eyed "Greenland Dogs"; progress report on Inuit Dog thesis; letter on Northern Inuits (sic)
N3: Thesis update; Nunavut Quest 2003 report; article in Mushing Magazine; possible Smithsonian Magazine story
N4: Letter to the Mushing Magazine Editor published; Inuit Dog Thesis International Sales; Dog exhibit's next venues

N1: Lost Travellers

Product Review
N2: DirectStop®
N3: Dismutase
N4: Original Zipper Rescue Kit®

Tip for the Trail
N2: Re-lining water jug caps
N3: Battling the Bugs

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