The Fan Hitch Volume 6, Number 3, June 2004

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog International

Table of Contents

Editorial: Who Are You and What Do Want?
Fan Mail
F.I.D.O.: Ludovic Pirani
Geronimo's Travels
The Breeding and Maintenance of Sledge Dogs: Part I
How We Met Tom
Dog Yard Tips
Setting a New Standard
In the News
Behavior Notebook: Qiniliq and Sunny
IMHO: Unnecessary Roughness


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The Inuit Sled Dog International

The Inuit Sled Dog International (ISDI) is a consortium of enthusiasts whose goal is the preservation of the Inuit Sled Dog in its purest form as a working dog only. The ISDI's coordinators welcome your comments and questions.

ISDI Coordinator USA
Sue Hamilton, 55 Town Line Road, Harwinton, CT 06791;

ISDI Coordinator Canada
Geneviève Montcombroux, Box 206, Inwood, MB R0C 1P0;

Editor's/Publisher's Statement
Editor-in-Chief : Sue Hamilton
Webmaster: Mark Hamilton
Print Version Publisher: Geneviève Montcombroux for Whippoorwill Press

The Fan Hitch, journal of the Inuit Sled Dog International, is published four times a year. It is available free online at: Print subscriptions as follows: in Canada $18.00 Cdn, in USA $16.00 US, elsewhere $22.00 Cdn per year, postage included.  Send requests, with checks payable to "ISDI", to Whippoorwill Press, Geneviève Montcombroux, P.O.Box 206, Inwood, Manitoba, R0C 1P0, Canada or Single copy issues and back issues (if not sold out) are available. Contact Whippoorwill Press for details.

The Fan Hitch welcomes your letters, stories, comments and suggestions. The editorial staff reserves the right to edit submissions used for publication.

Contents of The Fan Hitch are protected by international copyright laws. No photo, drawing or text may be reproduced in any form without written consent. Webmasters please note: written consent is necessary before linking this site to yours! Please forward these requests to Sue Hamilton, 55 Town Line Rd., Harwinton, Connecticut  06791, USA or

In the News.....

Dog Exhibit Current Venue

"DOGS: Wolf, Myth, Hero & Friend", the exhibit created by the Natural History Museum (NHM) of Los Angeles County, has now been set up at the National Geographic Explorers Hall  in Washington D.C. where it will remain on display through September 6, 2004. In 2002, the NHM  selected the Inuit Sled Dog as one of nine breeds to be featured in this multimedia project and asked the ISDI to assist in developing the section on our breed. You can read more about our involvement in the December 2002 issue, Volume 5, Number 1, of The Fan Hitch.

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