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Far Fur Country Project Update

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Screen grab courtesy of Hudson's Bay Company Archives

Far Fur Country Project Update

by Kevin Nikkel, Five Door Films

The last few months have been focused on the reconstruction of the Romance of the Far Fur Country footage. I'm pleased with how things are coming along, with the editorial support from co-producer Chris Nikkel and visual historian Peter Geller. The feature film is starting to emerge from the hours of materials returned from the British Film Institute in London to the Hudson's Bay Company Archives in Winnipeg.  Fundraising to complete the restoration is on-going; I hope to announce some further sponsors soon. Our goal is to finish the restoration by the end of this year.

The editing of the documentary, On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, telling the story of this lost film, is also progressing.  It is exciting to look over the footage from our travels this past year to the same locations where the archival filmmakers travelled in 1919-1920.

I was awarded a two-week artistic residency May 27 – June 9 by the Manitoba Arts Council at their Deep Bay Cabin in Riding Mountain National Park. These two weeks allowed for sustained focus on the editing. There was a screening of the 30-minute Treasure From the Far Fur Country film there on June 8th. A big thanks to the Manitoba Arts Council for their support in granting me two weeks of solitude for editing.

Other events on the horizon: Chris Nikkel will be presenting the 30-minute Treasure From the Far Fur Country film program in Scotland July 27th at Fort William. August 15-18, Peter Geller and I will join film studies researcher Roswitha Skare on a panel discussing Romance of the Far Fur Country and Nanook of the North at the Visible Evidence documentary film conference in Stockholm, Sweden.
For more info, visit our Return of the Far Fur Country project website and our project blog.

Follow us on Twitter: @FiveDoorFilms. Like our project on Facebook.

Thanks to the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Manitoba Film & Music for their contribution to the project. Thanks also to the many individual and community based sponsors and supporters of the project. A big thanks to the Hudson's Bay Company Archives/Archives of Manitoba for their support of the project as well.

Please contact us at Five Door Films if you would like to donate to the project.

Thanks again for your interest.
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