The Fan Hitch Volume 9, Number 2, March 2007

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A Real Inuk

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Recollections of the Doggy Man

Sledge Dogs of The Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, 1947-50

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"Once again this year Daniel Annanack and the IPL students are running dog team excursions for the classes at the school.  The excursions are going great!  The teachers and students have provided so much positive feedback--the students just love it.  The parents in the community and especially the Elders are really supportive of the outings. Following her excursion by dog team, Eva Obed wrote a poem for her English class.  The poem was very touching.  Reading Eva's poem made Daniel and me feel that all our hard work is really worth it!"
                                                                                                                                                      Mark Brazeau

Eva Obed, age 18, is a secondary 4 student (grade 12/fourth year in high school) at 
the Ulluriaq School, Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik.      photo: Ma´tÚ de Hemptinne

A Real Inuk

by Eva Obed

Travelling over the snow
Pulled by a team of dogs
I felt something strange and new:

I felt like a real Inuk.

The snow smelled fresh-
Just fresh
When we stopped to rest, 
The tent smelled like spruce
Sharp and sweet.

I've spent my life in the North
but this was my first dogsled ride 
For the first time
I felt something
Enter my life

I thought about how hard it must have been
For our ancestors.
Running with the dogs.
Hunting for their food.
Fighting for the cold.

Running with the team
I couldn't go far.
My boots too big and heavy
In the past
It would've been harder
How strong my ancestors were

I felt like a hunter
Running with his team

I felt like a real Inuk.

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