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The British Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial
February 27, 2007 

by Hwfa Jones

Two eminently competent sculptors, Denise Koch and David Cemmick, have responded with initial drawings. Clearly, both sets of drawings are magnificent for such short notice and help us remember that there were really many different characters among our dogs as they matured from the young dog drawn by David to the older, wiser and slightly aloof dog drawn by Denise. 

Both sculptors have given more than just their artistic skills. They have understood the loss of this unique 'race' of animals, as David described it. Denise chose to include a harness, "to represent the work these dogs did. The harness is lying at his feet to symbolize the fact that his work here is finished. He is happy and welcoming, standing proud of his history and his efforts. His fur is thick and ruffled, his gaze distant as he looks across the land where his kind will not travel again. He embodies the triumphs, courage and friendships that were found here and he joyfully stands in honor of those who are now a part of history." We are, after all, looking here, in the words of Alfred Dobree, "for more than art can impart."

The task of choosing a sculptor will be difficult and as many comments or votes as possible are requested to get this right and to allow the sculptors to produce a final drawing based on comments. 

I must admit I'd like to have two dogs or even a full dog team displayed with a loaded Nansen sledge, each bronze produced by a different sculptor - a magnificent memorial, but the expense at the moment is prohibitive - perhaps dogs can be added over the years;  but for the moment, a single dog. From the drawings a life-size bronze can be hot cast and displayed with a plaque listing all the British Antarctic sledge dog teams. 

So far the fund has reached 1,200 (20% of the target reached in just four months!) from sale of The Doggy Men book and donations from FIDS and friends around the world. It is anticipated that the target of 6,000 will be attained within the next twelve months as the project is publicised (Z Fids and Cool Antarctica websites, BAS Club Newsletter, The Fan Hitch - Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog International, and elsewhere), especially now there are such tangible drawings to show progress. 

If you wish to make a donation, join the working party or help in any way, please contact either me for general details or Graham Wright who has set up a bank account (cheques to the "Sledge Dog Memorial Fund"). Graham collects the funds and records donations for the memorial.

Graham Wright,  39 Bryn Meadows,  Newtown Powys, SY16 2DS, UK. Phone: 01686 624077 (wk.01686 611206) Hwfa Jones, 47 Penkett Road, Wallasey, Wirral Merseyside, CH45 7QG, UK. Phone: 0151 201 0249;

David Cemmick's proposal

Denise Koch's proposal

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