Defining the Inuit Dog
Canis familiaris borealis

by Sue Hamilton

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Revised: January 2014

I. Introduction
A. The Inuit Dog’s place in the natural world
B. The Inuit Dog is not a wolf!
C. Dangerous confusion

A. The Name Controversy
B. Defining 'Purity'
C. Mistaken Identity: Promoting a breed vs. avoiding
D. The Belyaev Experiment
E. Summary

A.  Ancient history
B. Recent history: The Inuit Dog in service to nations          
1. Exploration
2. War
3. Sovereignty
C. Population decline
A. In the North
B. Below the tree line

A. Inherited diseases
B. Disease prevention and access to veterinary services

A. Appearance
B. Behavior
C. Performance
D. The big picture

VII. The Inuit Dog in Scientific Research, Films and
        in Print

VIII. Acknowledgements

Appendix 1: Partial list of scientific publications about
                     the Inuit Dog

Appendix 2: Selected (alphabetical) list of other resources
                    with a focus on Inuit Dogs

Appendix 3: A small sampling of other resources of

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Canadian Inuit Dogs                     Courtesy: Matty McNair
                                              NorthWinds Polar Expeditions

Appendix 2: Partial list of other media resources with a focus on Inuit Dogs
(Some have been reviewed in The Fan Hitch. Some may be available on the secondary market only.)

Huskies/My Friends, the Huskies
Robert Dovers, G. Bell and Sons, Ltd, 1957

Snow Dogs
Neville Peat, Whitcoulls Publishers, 1978 ISBN 0 7233 0555 2

Oscar: The True Story of A Husky
Commander Nils Lied, John Kerr Pty Ltd, 1987, ISBN 0 9588161 1 5

Huskies: Polar Sledge Dogs
Jonathan Chester; Margaret Hamilton Books Pty, 1994, ISBN0 947241 63 9

Huskies in Harness
Shelagh Robinson; Kangaroo Press PTY, 1995; ISBN 086417 726 7

Of Dogs and Men: Fifty Years in the Antarctic
Kevin Walton and Rick Atkinson, Images Publishing, 1996, ISBN 1 897817 55 X

One Thousand Days with Sirius
Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen (2005, The Steading Workshop, ISBN 0-9950773-0-3)

The Doggy Men
Hwfa Jones, privately published, 2006

Dog Days on Ice: Antarctic Exploration in a Golden Era
Peter Noble, Reardon Publishing, 2008, ISBN 1 873877 89 7


Arctic Dog Team
National Film Board of Canada, 1949

Tuktu and His Eskimo Dogs
National Film Board of Canada, 1966

Qimmiq: Canada's Arctic Dog
National Film Board of Canada, 1981

The Last Husky: The final journey of Antarctica’s sledge dogs
Aurora Films (Australia), 1993

Nunavut (Our Land); Episode 1: Qimuksik (Dogteam)
Igloolik Isuma Productions (Canada), 1994
Dog of the Midnight Sun
Summerhill Entertainment (Canada), 1999

The Return of the Qimutsiit
Chinook Communications (Canada), 2006

Qimmiit: A Clash of Two Truth
Piksuk Media (Canada), 2010

The Quest (La quête de Philippe)
Piksuk Media (Canada), 2011

The Nunavut Quest
6-part documentary
Piksuk Media (Canada), 2011