The Fan Hitch Volume 14, Number 4, September 2012

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog
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Tumivut: Three Stories

Chinook Project’s Labrador 2012 Report

In the News

Media Review (book): Remembering the Years of My Life

Media Review (film): Labrador North

Akunnirmiut Nunavut Quest

Nunavut Quest Documentary Ready for Sale!

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IMHO: Last Call

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Hunter wearing traditional polar bear trousers;
Springtime in Uummannaq, North Greenland
Courtesy: Greenland Tourism

Annual Index: Volume 14. The Fan Hitch


N1: Caught by the Conditions
N2: Misadventure and Redemption on the Otryt Trail
       A Boys’ Trip on Dovrefjell   
N4: Akunnirmiut Nunavut Quest, Part 1

N1: A Stretch of Smooth Ice
N2: Old Tools – New Tools
N3: A Dog for All Seasons
N4: No title

Fan Mail
N3: Dog whip questions; kudos/ordering MacRury’s thesis   

N1: Piksuk Media’s Nunavut Quest Project Update
       Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories
N2: Meeqi’s Gift   
       New Site/Old Site
       Piksuk Media’s Nunavut Quest Project Update
N3: The Fan Hitch Web and Journal Updates
       The Doggy Men Goes Digital
       Qimmivut (Our Dogs)
       Piksuk’s Update
N4: More Good Reads
       Nunavut Quest: Race Across Baffin DVD now on sale!

Health, Science and Ethology
N1: Canadian Animal Assistance Team’s 2011 Northern Clinic
N3: The Chinook Project Returns to Labrador
N4: The Chinook Project Reports on Its Labrador Clinics

N1: Tumivut: Hunting with Dogs   
N2: Stroma and Skye: My reflections and recollections
       Tumivut: Dog Sledding   
N3: Tumivut: Healthy Diet for Dogs
N4: Tumivut: The Day the Dogs Ran Off; A Difficult Dog Trip; One Smart Dog

In My Humble Opinion
N1: Taking the Long View       
N2: Let’s Talk   
N3: Save the ________ (fill in the blank)
N4: Last Call
In the News
N1: Permanent veterinary service has come to the Canadian North!
N3: Landmark Russian Fur Fox Research in Jeopardy?; Return of the Far Fur Country Project   
N4: More Screenings of Return of the Far Fur Country Project

Media Review
N1: How to Raise a Dog Team (book)
N2: Nunavut Quest: Race Across Baffin, Parts 1,2 and 3 (documentary)
N3: Nunavut Quest: Race Across Baffin, Parts4,5 and 6 (documentary)
       Sirmilik (mini documentary)
N4: Remembering the Years of My Life: Journeys of a Labrador Inuit Hunter  (book)
       Labrador North (video)

Product Review
N1: Black Diamond ‘Icon’ (headlamp)

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