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Then and now.  Top:  Lake Harbour, NWT, 1919 when Romance of the Far Fur Country
was filmed. Bottom: Kimmirut, Nunavut, 2013. Note the matching right side coastlines.
1919 photo courtesy 
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives / Archives of Manitoba.
2013 photo courtesy Five Door Films.

Far Fur Country Project Progress Report

Hello Friends of the Far Fur Country Project,

Excited to finally announce the premiere of our feature documentary On the Trail of the Far Fur Country, a film that follows the journey of the filmmakers making the 1919 HBC film Romance of the Far Fur Country.  Our travels during the production of the film took us to Baffin Island, Northern Ontario, Northern Alberta and Vancouver Island BC.  We were fascinated by the stories we heard from communities across the North as they watched the archival film footage for the first time.  Their reactions are the heart of our documentary, now ready for release on March 23.

The film is premiering at the Gimme Some Truth Documentary Film Festival at the Winnipeg Cinematheque, March 23 at 7pm.  The whole weekend is packed with great films, workshops and seminars. Besides the 7pm screening, I will be contributing to a panel on filming in the North on Sunday afternoon at 4:00.  Hope you can make it out to some of the events, and especially the premiere of our doc (with a reception to follow). If you can't make it to the event, but know people in Winnipeg that might appreciate it, please pass on the details.  This project has come this far because of the support from an enthusiastic community!

We have updated our web site for the project, with more still photos and the film trailer.  You can still find us at the previously link, or the new site to share with others is  We are sending the documentary to film festivals and look forward to announcing screenings across the country following the Winnipeg premiere.

Our restoration project of the 1920 Romance of the Far Fur Country feature film is moving along as well.  Winnipeg based musician & composer Nathan Reimer is hard at work on an original score.  Tony Wytinck of White Ink Digital Post is helping us with restoring the tint of the archival film footage.  Doowah Design has taken on the task of helping to create the packaging for the upcoming DVD release. All should be available later this year. We'll keep you posted.

Kevin Nikkel
Five Door Films
Follow:  @FiveDoorFilms  #FarFurCountry
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