The Fan Hitch Volume 2, Number 3, May 2000

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 Nunavut Maligaliurvia  - Legislative Assembly of Nunavut


New Official Symbols of Nunavut Announced

IQALUIT, Nunavut (May 1, 2000) - The Members of the Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a motion today to designate three new official symbols of Nunavut to accompany the territory's Flag and Coat of Arms, which were unveiled on April 1 of last year.

It is the practice throughout Canada for provincial and territorial legislatures to designate, from time to time, official symbols and emblems for their jurisdictions. Last year, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly conducted a campaign to attract suggestions from Nunavut residents on what would constitute appropriate symbols for Nunavut. 249 suggestions were received and considered by Nunavut's MLAs.

The Purple Saxifrage (Saixfraga oppositifolia) will be the floral emblem of Nunavut. This wildflower is one of three wildflowers depicted in Nunavut's Coat of Arms. The motion also recommended that the Government introduce a new Floral Emblem Act at the next Session of the Legislative Assembly.

The Canadian Inuit Dog (Canis familiaris borealis) will be the official animal of Nunavut. The dog is also widely known in Nunavut by its Inuktitut name, qimmiq.

The Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus) will be the official bird of Nunavut. 

Speaker Kevin O'Brien said, "All Nunavummiut can be proud of these new symbols. We now join other Canadian jurisdictions in having our own symbols that reflect the natural beauty and diversity of our land."

An interpretive display on the symbols of Nunavut will be developed over the summer for the Great Hall of the Legislative Assembly, and will be unveiled at the commencement of its next Session.

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