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Number 6, posted
May 2020
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Siu-Ling Han, wearing the red toque, seen in this 2013 photo, is part of this group
studying the Eider duck in Frobisher Bay on the southern end of Baffin Island in Nunavut,
                                                                                                  photo: Siu-Ling Han 
The Siu-Ling Han Memorial Scholarship

Siu-Ling Han was renown in the Canadian Arctic for her skills as a dog teamer and breeder of traditional Canadian Inuit Dogs. But more than that, the Iqaluit, Nunavut resident,  who passed away on August 29, 2016 at the age of fifty-three, touched the lives of everyone who knew her, not only in relationship to her dog passion but also in her capacity as a singer-songwriter, wildlife biologist, champion of the environment and advocate for improving the mental health and well-being and mentoring of Nunavut’s youth.

Friends and family were determined to ensure a lasting remembrance of this remarkable woman. This past April a $2,500 scholarship, available to Nunavut Arctic College students interested in pursuing a career in environmental technology, was established in Siu-Ling’s honor. An April 27 Nunatsiaq News Online story, “New memorial scholarship open to new grads, environmental tech students”, describes the scholarship as a way  to “… keep Siu-Ling’s spirit alive by giving young Inuit the opportunity to continue the work she was doing in the North and her respect and love of its people, the environment and wildlife.”

Back in 2018 Siu-Ling’s mother, Kim Han, published The Canadian Inuit Dog: Icon of Canada’s North,  a book (with content lovingly contributed by an extended family of friends)  dedicated to her daughter’s legacy as much as it was about this aboriginal landrace. All proceeds are going to the Qimmivut Program, of Clyde River’s (a.k.a. Kanngiqtugaapik) Ilisaqsivik Society. Through dog team travel  Qimmivut’s youth participants experience “…a combination of hands-on learning and informal social time, Inuit societal values including building a strong relationship with the land, the value of hard work and team work, and having respect for oneself and others, are reinforced.” These are values Siu-Ling wholeheartedly favored. Readers who wish to honor Siu-Ling’s memory can specify an online contribution to Qimmivut’s programs here.

Siu-Ling out on the ice April 29, 2009 with her dogs during a lunch  break on an all-
women’s expedition from Iqaluit to Pond Inlet along the east coast of Baffin Island.

                                                                                       photo: Debbie McAllister