The Fan Hitch Volume 10, Number 4, September 2008

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog

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From the Editor

In the News

Ladies' Ellesmere Vacation

Sled Dog Physiology: Non-Invasive Techniques

Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update

BAS Vignette: How Do You Say Good-bye?

Report: The Chinook Project in Kimmirut

Bannock revisited

Book Review: Land of the Long Day

Behavior Notebook: On Being a Social Facilitator

Tip: Dealing with Those "Dirty" Boots

Index: Volume 10, The Fan Hitch

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Index of Articles: Volume 10, The Fan Hitch

N3: Out on the Ice: Three days with Inuit Sled Dogs in North Greenland
N3: Two friends, Fourteen Dogs…One Quest!
N3: Nunavut Quest’s 10th Anniversary Run
N4: Ladies’ Ellesmere Vacation

Behavior Notebook
N4: On Being a Social Facilitator

Cooking and Crafts
N4: Bannock Revisited

N1: Good Deeds, Great and Small
N2: New Realities
N3: The Fan Hitch…Enhanced
N4: Untitled

Fan Mail
N1: Editor of Overland Journal seeks help; Iqaluit residents enjoy The Fan Hitch and the ISDI’s mission; a freelance photojournalist seeks advice about the Inuit Dogs of Greenland
N3: Looking for a translator; seeking  permission to reprint an article

N3: Andrew Maher and Julia Landry

N1: British Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial Fund - December 2007 Update
N2: British Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial Fund - March 2008 Update
       Lost and Found: Recovering Dogs Gone Astray
N3: British Antarctic Sledge Dog Monument Fund – June 2008 Update
N4: British Antarctic Sledge Dog Monument Fund – September 2008 Update
Health and Science
N1: Canadian Animal Assistance Team’s Northern Project
N3: Canadian Animal Assistance Team’s 2008 Northern Wellness Clinics
N3: The Chinook Project Returns to Kimmirut
N4: Report: The Chinook Project in Kimmirut
       Sled Dog Physiology: Non-invasive Techniques   

N1: BAS Vignette: Sledding with Dogs
N2: BAS Vignette: Memories of a Non-Doggy Man
N3: BAS Vignette: Lampwick Harnesses
N4: BAS Vignette: How Do You Say Good-bye?
In My Humble Opinion
N2: Self-actualization  
N3: On Feral Cats and Inuit Sled Dogs

In the News
N1: Qikiqtani Truth Commission set to begin hearings
N2: Must Visit Websites
N3: Qikiqtani Truth Commission update; Makivik launches "Dog Cull" Probe
N4: Truth Commissions progress reports; story in UpHere Magazine

Media Review
N2: Hunters of the Polar North (book) by Sir Wally Herbert   
N4: Land of the Long Day (book) by Doug Wilkinson

Product Review
N1: Double Driver Dogsled
N2: Northern Outfitters Mountain Pack Boots
N3: MaineMade Double Driver Dogsled Update

Tip for the Trail
N1: Building a Dog Box, Part 2
N2: Spreading it Around
N4: Dealing with Those "Dirty" Boots
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