The Fan Hitch Volume 13, Number 4, September 2011

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog
In This Issue....

Editorial: We’ve Moved!

Historic Ceremony in Kangiqsualujjuaq

Passages: Heiko Wittenborn

In the News

Point of View: Veterinary Service in Nunavik

Chinook Project: Summer 2011 Report

Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories

Making a Mitten Harness

Media Review: Martha of the North (video)

IMHO: Historical Perspective or Hyperbole

Index: Volume 13, The Fan Hitch

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The no mosquito zone                    Photo: Hamilton

Index: Volume 13, The Fan Hitch

Cooking and Crafts
N4:  Making a Mitten Harness

N1:  Living in the Moment
N2:  No title
N3:  Know the Dog, the Land and the People
N4:  We’ve Moved!

Fan Mail
N3:  Looking for northern museum pieces; metabolic water

N1:  Piksuk Media Projects
        QTC Update: final report
N2:  British Antarctic Survey Monument Trust
        Mistaken Identities
        Piksuk     Media’s Nunavut Quest Website
N3:  Ghosts and Memories of Dogs Past
        A conversation with Charlotte DeWolff of Piksuk Media and Jake Gearheard of the Ilisaqsivik Society
        Qimmivut - Our Dogs: The Dog Team Workshop of the Ilisaqsivik Society of
        Clyde River, Nunavut, Canada
N4:  Historic Ceremony in Kangiqsuaujjuaq
        Passages: Heiko Wittenborn
        Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories

Health, Science and Ethology
N1:  Breed, Landrace and Purity: what do they all mean?
        Veterinary Plans for the Eastern Canadian Arctic
        The Canadian Animal Assistance Team is Back to Baker Lake, Nunavut
        Join the Primitive and Aboriginal Dog Society International
N3:  Chinook Project Report: 2011 Wellness Clinics
        Canadian Animal Assistance Team: Maintaining a Presence in Nunavut!
N4:  Point of View: Veterinary Service in Nunavik
        Chinook Project 2011: Return to Northern Labrador   

Hints and Tips
N2:  Ice ‘Fishing’

In My Humble Opinion
N1:  Relationships and Inclusion
N2:  Are We There Yet?
N3:  Succession
N4:  Historic Perspective or Hyprebole

In the News
N1:  Antarctic Sledge Dogs Recognized   
N4:  33,000 year-old dog skull found in Siberia; Quebec’s Proposed Anti-Tethering Law; Piksuk Media Update; Igloolik Isuma Productions Closes
Media Review
N1:  People of the Seal: Part 2 (archival documentary video)
N3:  Of Ice and Men by Sir Vivian Fuchs (book)
N4:  Martha of the North (video)

Product Review
N2:  Servus Boots
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