The Fan Hitch Volume 6, Number 4, September 2004

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog

Table of Contents

Editorial: Looking for Inuit Dogs Past and Present
F.I.D.O.: Jan Erik and Barbro  Engebretsen
First Camping Adventure with Greenland Dogs
The Breeding and Maintenance of Sledge Dogs, Part II
A Cut Above the Rest
In the News
Book Reviews:
Hunting Laika Breeds of Russia
Primitive Breeds - Perfect Dogs
 IMHO: Waiting for Godot?
Index to Volume 6

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Inuit Dog Mushing in Labrador                      McGrath photo

Index of Articles for The Fan Hitch,Volume 6

N2: Barry of the Midnight Sun
N3: How we met Tom
N3: Geronimo’s Travels
N4: My First Long Tour with Inuit Greenland Dogs

N2: Building a Team
N3: Qiniliq and Sunny

N1: What's in a Name?
N2: Kudos and Cat Calls
N3: Who are you and what do you want?
N4: Looking for Inuit Dogs Past and Present

Fan Mail
N1: Letters  from AMCA Editor; "J.F." on rescuing a CED
N3: Southern California reader wants an ISD

N2: Barry Salovaara and Tina Portman
N3: Ludovic Pirani
N4: Jan Erik and Barbro Engebretsen

N1: How I Came to  be Liberated from Traditional Dog Club Organizations
N1: What is the ISDI and the ISD?
N1: A Holiday Miracle
N1: Of Sheep and Sled Dogs
N1: Qamutiit and How They're Loaded
N2: The Fan Hitch Contributor Wins Maxwell Award
N2: Coppinger Comments  Prompts ISDI Rebuttal
N2: Save the Sled Dog or Save the Show Dog
N2: Ivakkak: Encouraging Purity in Nunavik's ISDs
N3: Setting a New Standard
N4: A Cut Above the Rest

Health and Science
N3: Breeding and Maintenance of Sledge Dogs: Part I
N4: Breeding and Maintenance of Sledge Dogs: Part II

N1: The Truth Behind the Madrid Protocol

In My Humble Opinion
N1: Super Cars and Inuit Dogs
N2: The Sernix, A Fable
N3: Unnecessary Roughness
N4: Waiting for Godot?

Media Review
N1: Globe Trekker - Iceland and Greenland (video)
N2:  Media Watch: Ice Dogs (video), Shelter Dog (video), Search for the First Dog (video),  The Wolf Within (video), Designer Dogs (video), Dogs and More Dogs (video), Top Dogs (print feature)
N4: Hunting Laika Breeds of Russia &Primitive Breeds - Perfect Dogs (two books)

In the News
N1: David Matthews receives DWAA 2003 writing nomination
N2: Iqaluit Dog By-Laws Update, Thesis Donation,  DNA Project 
N3: Dog Exhibit current location
N4: The Fan Hitch, Inuit Dog Book and donations head north; Greenland Dogs

Product Review
N1: Ryobi TrimmerPlus®

Tip for the Trail
N1: Bitches in Season
N3: Dog Yard Tips

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