The Fan Hitch Volume 9, Number 4, September 2007

Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog

In This Issue....

From the Editor: Unfinished Business

FIDO: Leevan Etok

Fan Mail

In the News

Happy Tenth Anniversary, ISDI

Remembering Changi

Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update

Inuit Dog Research Project Underway

The Canadian Animal Assistance Team

The Chinook Project Goes to Cambridge Bay

Hints and Tips: Building a Dog Box, Pt. 1

Book  Review: Across the Top of the World

IMHO: Friends, Pt. 2

Annual Index, Volume 9, The Fan Hitch

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This site is dedicated to the Inuit Dog as well as related Inuit culture and traditions. It is also home to The Fan Hitch, Journal of the Inuit Sled Dog.
Under the watchful eye of her parents Ludo and Stephanie, Naomi Pirani,
 almost three years-old, socializes an eight day-old pup.    Photo: Pirani

Index of Articles for Volume 9

N1: The Great Arctic Hunter Game

N1:  Looking Back, Looking Ahead
N2:  Who Will Share Our Vision?
N3:  Metaphorically Speaking
N4:  Unfinished Business

Fan Mail
N1:  Reader comments from London, England and Igluliq, Nunavut
N2:  Two strangers in the same country get connected; Gimli, MB reader seeks information
N3:  Readers across the U.S. write in
N4:  Mushers inspired by articles; a scientist writes; National Geographic wants help

N1:  Sandy Hagan
N4:  Leevan Etok

N1:  Defining the Inuit Dog
        Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial Fund (middle of page)
        15th Anniversary Edition of The Inuit Dog: Its Provenance, Environment and History   
N2:  ISDI Launches New Partnership in Nunavik   
        Qimmiit Utirtut’s First Litter!
        A Real Inuk (Poem)
        Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update
N3:  That Was Then, This is Now
N3:  Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update   
        ISDI Publications News
N4:  Sledge Dog Memorial Fund Update
        ISDI’s Tenth Anniversary

Health and Science
N4: Living at the extremes – physiological adaptations of Inuit sled dogs in Greenland
       The Chinook Project in Cambridge Bay
       The Canadian Animal Assistance Team

N1:  A Time to Remember the Dogs   
N2:  Recollections of the Doggy Man
        Sledge Dogs of the Falkland Islands Dependencies Service
N4:  Remembering Changi
In My Humble Opinion
N1:  A Few Thoughts on the Final Report on the Dog Slaughters   
N2:  One Brick at a Time
N3:  Friends
N4:  Friends, Part 2

In the News
N1:  Royal Canadian Mounted Police Report
N2:  The Chinook Project; Dog Deaths in Ulukhoktok; Qimmiit Utirtut  Hits Mainstream Press
N4:  New Hampshire law supports mushing; Aboriginal dog conference in Kazakhstan

Media Review
N1:  The Doggy Men (book)
N2:  Secrets of Antarctica (video)
        Wolf Dog (video)
        Return of the Qimutsiit (video)
        Dogs That Changed the World (video)
N3:  The Inuit Way (book)
N4:  Across the Top of the World (book)

Product Review
N1:  Delivering the Goods
N2:  Leather mittens by Sterling Glove
N3:  Collasate™ and EMT™
        Drag Mats and other "Drag-Ons"

Tip for the Trail
N1:  Seeing and Not Hearing 
N2:  It's in the Bag – First Aid Kit
N4:  Building a Dog Box, Part 1

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